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Vannessa Promotion!

Massive discount & FREE Slumberland Kendal mattress

With every Vannessa king size bed & matching pedestals

Only while stocks last

Classical Mahogany Bed Sets

purchase any classical bed set at 25% OFF

– OR –

Bed Set & Mattress Combo

Purchase Any Classical Mahogany Bed Set and Any Slumberland Mattress at 30% OFF

Only while stocks last – get in on the action today and purchase your Queen or King size extra length Classical Mahogany Bed Set.

Visit our Showroom at our Boksburg Branch to find the best Slumberland Mattress for you.

Bed Set & Mattress Promotion does not including 4 poster beds
Does not include the base.
Terms and Conditions Apply.


mattresses available at Sotran

Scando Blanket Chest

0 out of 5

Rustic 21 Drawer Chest

R9,995.00 R6,995.00
0 out of 5

Rustic 10 Drawer Chest

R6,595.00 R4,595.00
0 out of 5

Rustic 20 Drawer Chest

R11,995.00 R7,995.00
0 out of 5

Rustic 42 Drawer Chest

R15,995.00 R10,995.00
0 out of 5