Take the adventurous route with wood pieces or splurge on a high-end rug. All of these unusual headboards show creativity and can become the centrepiece of a bedroom.

Just as the front door makes an important statement about who you are and what your style is, the headboard can make the same important personal statement.
Headboards are a becoming a critical part of a sophisticated bedroom design. They are often the first thing you see when you enter the room. They have the potential to add an incredible sense of finality to bedroom décor, while bringing all of the furniture in the room together.
Consequently, it’s a terrific place for letting your creativity soar and your imagination take wing.
A headboard doesn’t have to be a typical run of the mill piece… Headboards today can be anything you want really. Be it bought or DIY, the possibilities are endless with Sotran.




Doors are quickly becoming rather a common item of choice when it comes to headboards.  If you are lucky enough to come across pieces as wonderful as these, snap them up; they will be a once-in-a-lifetime find.
Doors allow you to add texture and flare to a bedroom as the enticing colours, knobby studs and curvilinear carvings make these an unforgettable statement.
I especially appreciate the unexpected minimalistic lamp that completes this design on the left and how the magnificent chandelier adds a touch of elegant to the rustic design of the doors.


An excellent way to add a negative space aspect to your bedroom is by using repurposed frames from Sotran as headboards. This concept is great for those looking for the minimalistic look, as well as those with minimal space in their bedrooms.
Window and Picture frame Headboards allow for great light while adding shape and dimension to your wall.
What’s great about this concept is that you can use any type of window frame and add your own personal touch by painting, adding texture.
Decorating the frame can create a whole new atmosphere for your bedroom, with fairy lights for a more whimsical feel or with fabrics and rustic elements for a more Boho and tropical vibe.
From my perspective this is a fantastic way to incorporate different textures into your bedroom by using wooden frames along with different fabrics on your bed.

Fireplace Mantels

I was surprised to see this well-worn fireplace mantel repurposed as a headboard at Sotran. The look you create will depend on the mantel you find. It could be a huge old oak surround, antique or even a brightly painted contemporary design.
There’s definitely a unique fireplace design out there for every style but whatever you decide on, consider choosing nightstands, dressers and other pieces that make the room totally personal to you.
Adjusting the colour and design of the mantel is a great way to add personal flare as well as make the piece more suited to your bedroom. Adding upholstering to the centre creates a wondering contrast and clean feel.
But simply painted the mantel and leaving a rustic wood feel is very in right now.


Have any excess fabric lying around? Or simply looking for a budget friendly way to add some colour to your bedroom, you will love this.
Although you could accomplish a headboard treatment like the image on the right with a readymade quilt, these are actually fabric samples that have been collected and inventively mounted to create a colourful, welcoming anchor for this bed.
Woven wool also creates a wonderfully warm and fantastically textured centrepiece for your bedroom.
Critical to the success of the design is not going overboard with other elements in the room as it could becoming quite noisy. Texture and variety is always ideal for the bedroom but keep an eye out for items that match and go with your design, or keep it simply and allow the colour headboard to do the work for you.

Carved Wood

A glorious speciality from Sotran Tropical Furniture and Décor! Carved Wood.
What a magnificent addition to a contemporary bedroom.  Elegant, classy and oh so detailed.
You can go grand and bold or intricate and subtle. Adding a carved wood headboard to your bedroom allows you to add detail, texture and a splash of colour to your bedroom, ticking all the boxes right??

Rugs and Tapestry

If you use a rug or a cool piece of tapestry you found as a headboard, your options are nearly endless. Geometric, floral, striped, shaggy, needlepoint, neutral — the sky’s the limit.
You can set the entire theme of your bedroom with this headboard idea, be it rustic, tropical nautical or even modern. Following this theme around the room is also key to using this idea, but Sotran can help with that too.
Rugs and Tapestry are my personal favourite as they are the perfect host of adding your uniqueness to your bedroom, take up a minimal amount of space and are a great foal point in the bedroom.
There are however a couple of caveats. Make sure the rug is at least as wide as your mattress; it could even be wide enough to frame your nightstands. But beware of rugs that are narrower than your bed, as they’ll end up looking not quite right.

Repurposed Wood

Everyone is going crazy over wood! Where rustic meets contemporary.
It adds magnificent texture and dimension to a headboard and I consider this look to be quite timeless. Getting your hands on some isn’t that hard either! As we have loose architectural panels from India at Sotran
Be it old driftwood, twigs, planks or the very popular used pallets, the choice are vast and the creative opportunities are endless
Twigs and old drift wood are spectacular pieces to use if you’re looking to add a bit of height and dimension to your bedroom, the ununiformed shapes are a delight to the eye.
The linear design of the twigs combined with the neutral bedding and leather accents create a simple, clean and strikingly modern aesthetic.
Repurposing driftwood and pallets into a headboard is the ultimate demonstration of turning found into fabulous. This would be perfect for a beach cottage bedroom or a Shabby Chic–style condo.


Who said what’s meant for the floor can’t be transformed into a unique headboard??
Tiles and wooden floor boards come in so many wonderful colours, shapes and designs that it would a tragedy to not use them whenever you can. I believe some things are just too beautiful to be used just for us to stand on!
Depending on the style and feel you are looking to create, there is flooring out there for you.
You can use wood flooring that travels all the way up the wall and across the ceiling to make a grand and dramatic statement. Or use a more texture and patterned tile to add a simple but show stopping aspect.