You may be surprised by these ideas for removing water marks from wood surfaces.

Even the most pleasant and well-behaved guests can sometimes be clueless about using coasters beneath their beverage glasses. The consequences are usually those dreaded ring marks and other stains on your wooden table tops.  Here are a few tips to help make sure the only things left behind after a great evening of entertainment are the memories.
Wood surfaces usually absorb the moisture from damp or wet materials, leaving behind water marks. There are two types of rings/marks, that can occur: white and black.

When we see a white mark, or cloudiness, it means the moisture is trapped beneath the surface coating. That is a sign of a thin finish on your wooden furniture. The rings left behind means that the top coating is wearing out and not keeping the moisture out properly. It could be that the moisture has not reached the wood yet, but settled into the finish – thus if you act quickly, there is hope to remove it.

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One of the most effective treatments for recent water marks and rings on your wooden surfaces, is also one of the simplest: a hair dryer.  Although this fix will heat up the wax finish, a hair dryer on warm or low should draw out the moisture, dry the surface and cause the ring to evaporate.  Be sure to buff the surface with a soft rag once the water mark evaporates.
What not to do: Do not grab the furniture polish or wax and pour it onto the white mark, all that will do is prevent the moisture from escaping on its own.
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