Teak Root Block Coffee Table

Introducing our Teak Root Block Coffee Table, a masterpiece of root furniture that brings the untamed beauty of nature into your home.

Handcrafted from sustainably sourced teak tree roots, this coffee table showcases the organic forms and intricate details inherent in the wood, emphasizing its raw, natural charm.

We ensure responsible harvesting practices to minimize environmental impact, aligning with eco-friendly principles.

Teak wood’s renowned strength and durability ensure this coffee table is built to last, becoming a timeless addition to your home decor.

Its earthy elegance effortlessly complements a range of interior styles, from rustic and bohemian to modern and contemporary, making it a striking focal point in your living room, lounge, or patio.

Please note, the table does not include a glass top.

Sized at 100 x 45 cm, our Teak Root Block Coffee Table reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality, durable furniture pieces.

For your peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive 3-year warranty on all our wooden furniture items.